How to find out if you have breast cancer

     Today I would like to inform you about breast  cancer. Cancer is the group of disease . It is the abnormal production of cells to invade and spread to other parts of the body.Cancer can develop any part of the body.It is caused by the changes of DNA cells.

      The main causes of cancer are gene mutations, life styles,air pollution, smoking, radiation, infections like hepatitis,alcohol consumption. Most people diagnosed  cancer after the age of 65 yrs.The main symptoms of cancer are fatigue, fever,weight loss,changes in the bowel habits,bleeding, thickening in the breast difficulty in swallowing,cough,night sweats,blood in urine,vomiting,pain.

          If we untreated ,it may cause death.If foundation earlier and cure completely. Cancer affects many organs in our body. Pancreatic cancer is very hard to diagnose early. It is the quickest killing cancer. Lung cancer also leading to death.Mainly cancer has 4 stages.

      Today we can see about breast cancer. Breast cancer is the formation of cancer cells in the breast. It is most common cancer.It develops in breast tissue. The main symptoms of breast cancer are lump in the breast,swelling of breast,redness in the nipple area,pain,discharge from nipple. Mostly it can occur after the age of 50 years. 

       If you have stage 1 ,2 breast cancer, you  can cured it completely.  In 3 rd,4 th  stage it affects other organs.It is difficult to determine first stages. Most cancer didn’t have screening test.But breast cancer has screening test. Mammogram is used as screening test.We can identify  it earlier.Do the mammogram after 40 yrs. Check the breast monthly.

     We can diagnose it through CT scan,bone scan, PET scan. The treatments  are chemo therapy, hormone therapy,surgery, radiation. We can cure this cancer  without removal of breast completely.  After surgery  need radiation. 

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