We regularly travel long distances. In air ports there is a rule for how many bags you may check in and for possible  related charges. It can vary in various  flights. If you are a continuous  traveller in an airline,you know how it feels,when your luggage doesn’t  arrive at the correct destination. If you lose your luggage, you should keep three things in mind. First thing is you must give a complaint.

      You can file a PIR report at the airline’s desk. PIR is the Passenger Irregularity Report. You can submit the detailed  description, address and contact  information,claim number, copy of missing  luggage report.we can track the status of missing  luggage on airlines website.If you are taking  multiple  flights, we can report to the airline .

      After filing the reports, the airline traced your luggage.And they delivered the luggage to your address. If the airline cannot find your luggage  within 21 days,it is considered lost. After that we can make a new claim, mentioning all the lost items and its prices with purchase dates. 

    On air India, If the luggage is delayed 24 hours on an international trip,50 British pounds will be provided.  The amount is Rs 3000.on domestic  flights,if the luggage is later,air india will give Rs 2000.

     You can check your luggage with your airline. You can track luggage online. Go to the website of flight,type your name, bag tag number ,file reference  number  and locate your bag. The average  compensation  is Rs 1525 to Rs 3500. In lost luggage,81 % bags are simply Delayed, 16 % were damaged  , 3% were declared lost. The airline is responsible  to pay for your missing  property. 

    Be patient,stay calm and locate the luggage  desk ,inform the agent and give a complaint. Otherwise you can contact CISF to retrieve  the luggage. You can visit the official  website  of CISF.


  • Visit the official  website  of CISF.
  • Select lost found option.
  • Click lost and found airports  and Delhi metro option. 
  • Select option of airport option. 
  • Then you can see the airport lost and found items page.
  • Select the name of the airport.
  • Select date on which you travelled. 
  • You can see the list of received  items. 
  • Then contact airport  authorities  immediately.
  •  You can see the contact  numbers, mail ID , officer’s name,etc.
  • You can contact and retain  your luggage. 

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