How to earn Rs 1 lakh per month from home without any investment


     Now a lot of people have ventured into business. Because we can earn a good amount of money through business rather than earning from a job. We have a lot of business ideas available online these days that can be started with a very small amount of money. We can see different types of businesses. There are businesses that require a very large investment. There are also businesses that we can start without an investment. First we must have a good idea about businesses.

     A business plays an important role in a society. It helps to create a Innovation and technological advancements. It also improves the quality of our life. It mainly determines our standard of living. It provides employment opportunities in our society. It is generating income for people. To promote economic growth. It helps to know more about many procedures.Mainly a business  includes planning, organising, leading and controlling. 

     We can start online businesses at home.  It allows us to build our brand. We will get credibility that attracts more customers. It gives customers an easy culture is spreading very rapidly. So many  people depend  online for everything. There will be reliable businesses and also some businesses that will try to scam you.

     Today I would like to introduce  you to a business where you can earn up to  Rs 1 lakh per month from our own homes as an online business.  It is fake news. Do not reply or believe these businesses. These are very attractive  data collection methods. They will give a whatsapp chat line and describe  their business.  They will get money from this business.  They told us to join their online groups or webinars. It has registration  fees. They earn money from these registration  fees. 

        Do not reply to unknown  messages online. These are fake messages. Call them .They do not take your call. Online business  scams often feed your desire for fast ,easy money. 

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