How to earn profits from Hyderabad osmania biscuit business

Small businesses need lower capital than large businesses. We can start these businesses with fewer investments. Small business entrepreneurs can cater to their needs more proficiently. They can work with independence. They are their own bosses.They can control their business. They make the decisions. They can decide the hours to work,what to pay,etc.They can control their destiny .It removes income restraint that exists in being someone’s employee.They can build equity. They create an opportunity for a person to make a contribution.

Small businesses building an economy. Business ideas should be unique. Investment is the major challenge for entrepreneurs. It covers facility set up,marketing, etc.

We can see a different type of business idea.It is a very good and interesting idea. It is a full based business idea.we can do this business as repacking business. We can buy this product wholesale and repack and sell this business. This business was not famous in our place. But most of them accept this product. It has high demand in the market.

It is a Hyderabad osmania biscuit business. It is a famous biscuit of Hyderabad. It is an evening snack in Hyderabad. It is a different type of biscuit. It has high demand in the market. We can resale or repack these biscuits into the market. We can earn a huge profit from this business.

24 pieces are in a packet of osmania biscuit. It is a 400 g biscuit. Its retail price is Rs 60. We can buy wholesale at 750. It has 30 pieces in a box. We can buy from indiamart. We can repack and re-sell it. We can sell 200 packets per day. We will get Rs q500 profit from this business.

It has a good opportunity in the market. We can sell it to famous bakeries. We can brand and sell it to the bakeries. It needs a food safety licence and packer license. We can prefer premium packages. It has a 2 months expiry date. You should study the marketing of this business. You can order from India mart .we can expand the business also. It needs a GST license.

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