How to cut and stitch nighties simply

         Most of the ladies opt to wear a nightie made with cheaper materials. Buying a perfect nightie  is important. While choosing  the right nighties ,women generally  consider the good material. Nobody wants to wear the wrong sized nightie that is smaller or bigger  than your body. Women always consider the latest designs while selecting  their nighties.women spend quality  time in choosing the right fabric with the latest design  trends.women mostly select cotton nighties. Cotton nighties are the least expensive piece of clothing that feels comfortable. It will make you feel special.  It is considered  as the leading product as it is soft in use providing  complete and perfect  naps.

       You can select the perfect  color from a variety  of styles,colors and perfect  deal maker. Simple women select designs  with the light delicate shade of cotton nighty. We can select nighty pieces and stitch them. We can stitch the nighties  very easily. Readymade nighties are very expensive.  But we can select the nighty pieces and cut it easily  and stitch it. 

      It does not need experience.  We can buy nightie pieces at Rs 125. We can see how to stitch double XL nighties.  These materials  are 3 meters. Fold the material  4 times. Then Mark 54 inches length and mark it. Then Mark 7.5 inch shoulder and 7.5 inch arm hole from the above mark .Then Mark 13 inch chest .  Then connect the lines. Then Mark 12 inches from the above mark for waste. 

      Then connect the line   to the side. Cut the cloth based on the marks. Then we can cut the sleeve from the balanced cloth. We can mark 11 inch arm holes and 7 inch sleeve parts . Then Mark 3 inch and 8 inch arm width. Mark and cut the cloth. Then we can cut the back of the neck.

      Mark 2.5 inch,4.5 inch  for back neck. Then cut the back neck. Cut the cross pieces for the back neck. Then cut the front neck and attach the sib and stitch it. 

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