How to control  diabetes  naturally 



      Diabetes is a common disease  that causes  high blood sugar. It is a disorder where the body does not produce  insulin. Or when the body cannot effectively use insulin. It has been rising more rapidly. It is the major cause  of blindness,heart attack,kidney failure, stroke,etc.we can prevent  diabetes  with a healthy  diet,maintaining  normal body weight, avoid tobacco use, avoid alcohol and smoking.Otherwise it leads to serious damages to many body systems. 

      It was the direct cause of 1.5 million deaths and premature mortality.diabetes may be diagnosed several  years after onset,after complications have arisen.Type 1 diabetes is the deficient insulin  production  and it requires daily administration  of insulin.The main symptoms  are polyuria, thirst, excessive  hunger,weight loss,vision changes, fatigue. Impaired glucose intolerance is the intermediate condition  in the transition between normal and diabetes. 

       In adult peoples, there is an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Reduced blood flow causes neuropathy  in the feet and chance of foot ulcers,infection limb amputation.Diabetic retinopathy causes blindness. 

     We can prevent  diabetes. You should take simple lifestyle  measures. Always maintain  healthy  body weight. Eat a healthy  diet,Avoid sugar,saturated fats,and avoid tobacco uses . Early diagnosis is better. We can control  diabetes with oral medication, BP,and foot care.

     Drink plenty  of water.It helps to control pre diabetes. Daily walks with a balanced,  healthy diet helps to reduce blood sugar levels. You  can soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and drink this water on an empty stomach. Regular exercise can help increase the sensitivity  in your body. 

      Eat low carb foods,low glycemic index ,high fiber foods.choosing foods like barley,lentils,seafood and legumes. Keep your stress under control.  Take yoga,meditation. Increase the intake of bitter gourd in your diet . You can also consume the juice of the raw vegetables on an empty  stomach. 

       Consume raw amla every day. Mango leaves are an effective  home remedy for diabetes. Drumstick leaves increase the insulin  secretion in the body. Exposing to 30 minutes of sunlight daily. Increase the intake  of fiber containing foods. Take minerals  containing foods like grains, peas,beans, seeds,nuts,etc.Avoid white bread, white rice,potatoes, sugar,and pasta. 

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