How to connect the smartphone to Television 


     We all use mobile phones. Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Now in this lockdown period,mobile phones have made a lot of changes in our lives. The education of children is done entirely through mobiles. Similarly there are those who work from home via mobile phones. Some children attend the classes via laptop. Other children attend the classes via mobile phone. But  we can connect our mobile phone to TV. Most people do not know much about it.

    One of the cables used for this purpose is the MHD cable. MHL cable is mobile high definition link cable. It allows the connection of Smartphones ,tablets and other portable consumer electronic  devices to televisions ,auto receivers and projectors.

    It helps to enable the television to communicate with the MHL compatible device. In this time the television has the ability to charge the connected device and display photos, play music and videos. We can control the MHL compatible devices with a remote.

   It works with Android Smartphones and Tablets. We can search the manufacturing specification of our mobile to determine if it supports MHL. We can transform our  Smart phone into our home theatre system. We can play mobile games on the big screen while charging your phone. It offers a zero lag, seamless connection from mobile devices to TV. 

     It is a very useful instrument.  Samsung S3 model is also connected to TV.we can connect the Android phone to the LED TV.We can use MHL cable to connect with television. We can buy this cable from electronic  shops or online. You should check if your phone supports the MHL or not.check the specifications  of your phone. 

      MHL cable has 3 USB pin,one HDMI and one micro USB.We can connect micro USB to phone,HDMI, large USB pin used to connect LED TV. WE will get audio,video signals through the HDMI cable.we can connect micro USB to phone,HDMI pinto TV.USB pin connected to LED monitor.

      Do not need any extra settings.  We can see all mobile settings through television.  We can browse the internet  through TV.  We can connect MHL cable to normal TV.We need a converter .Converter connects to the USB charger and connects to the supply. Connect the AV wire to it. 

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