How to clean face from pimples

       Today I want to inform you about how to make a skin toner with cucumber. Cucumber juice helps to remove acne prone skin.We can rubbed it directly on the skin.washing your face daily with cucumber  water helps to keep blemishes at bay.

         It has anti inflammatory properties. It soothes the skin.It resolves many skin problems. It ensure healthy skin.We can use cucumbers in summers.It rich in anti oxidants.Cucumber calms our skin and soothes our tired eyes.

            Cucumber  can cleanse our skin and giving cooling effect to the skin.It reduces the risk of acne and painful pimples.It rich in vitamin c and folic acid.It slows down the aging. 

          Cucumber relieves skin from redness and inflammation. It can moisturize skin and keeps it fresh at all time.We can use it as a skin toner.

Take  juice of 1 cucumber.Add vitamin E capsule.Mix well and  pour this juice in a spray bottle.we should keep this juice in fridge.

         Steam our face. Massage 3 minutes our face with olive/ coconut oil.wash your face.Then again steam our face.And wash our face with face wash.Apply this juice to the face. It is a good skin toner.It helps to remove the pimples from our face.

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