How to check RTO fine Online easily 


        RTO is the Regional Transport Office. It is a government Organisation established to Overseas all transport related operations in our country. It is in every state in our country. RTO is responsible for carrying functions and activities of motor vehicles act. It provides all the provisions of motor vehicle act enforced in their regions. The RTO department is engaged in various activities like tax collection, enforcement of road transportation rules, pollution checking etc. All the vehicles must pay the road tax by the government. The tax rates vary according to the type and size of the vehicle. RTO collects the Innovative International multipurpose vehicle fees also.

     RTO must see that all motor vehicles avoid over speeding and follow traffic rules. They ensured that people obey all points of road safety measures. RTO keeps a record that all registered vehicles have third party liability insurance. RTO carries out the registration of motor vehicles. They provide transport permits and NOC. If you want to transfer a vehicle’s registration from one RTO to another State’s RTO, NOC is required.

     RTO issues the driving licences to the drivers. They conduct driving tests and obtain all details about the driver. They checked the authorised class of vehicles. RTO provides learners driving licence, permanent driving licence, commercial driving licence, international driving permit. They provide licence renewal and duplicate licence. They Inspect the vehicles from time to time. RTO checks the condition of the vehicles running on the road.

     RTO checks the pollution status of the vehicle. They provide a pollution under control certificate to all vehicles. They check the condition of the vehicle and related equipment. If you want to have a unique number on your vehicle plates. If you want to get a fancy registration number you can approach the RTO.RTO means Regional Transport  Office  and DTO means District Transport Office.

     One state may have one or a couple of more RTO. There can be a number of DTOs. RTO covers a large region to look after the rules and regulations for vehicles. It may have several DTOs under it. DTO checks after the norms and laws of the motor vehicle act in a district.

     Kerala RTO has 18 district RTO offices.RTO maintains a database of drivers and vehicles for Indian states.They issue driving license sales personalized registrations.They maintain collection of road tax.They check the insurance and pollution. 

     Now the internet has made all things related to vehicles easy. You can do all things online.Apply for DL and submit all required documents. Then book an appointment  to visit RTO.Apply for DL renewal. Download a copy of DL.

     The Road Transport and Highways is an apex body that outlines the traffic rules and regulations. When any person breaks these rules it is a punishable offence. They should be required to pay fines or will be imprisoned. Penalties differ from state to state. Most of the people visit  the RTO only for driving licence issues. If you lost your RC book ,you can apply for a duplicate RC at an RTO. If you sell your vehicle to somebody and you want to transfer the vehicle to his name you can do it at your nearest RTO.

      You can find the details of vehicles easily through the RTO. It gives the complete details of vehicles which are registered in India.They provide all details of vehicles. You will get all the details, just enter the vehicle registration number. You will get the owner’s name,vehicle name,registration number, registration date,registration authority, vehicle age,vehicle class,fuel type,engine number, chassis number, etc.

Documents to check fine online

  • Registration  number 
  • Chasing or engine number 

How to check the fines of vehicles  online

  • Visit the official  website of parivahan
  • Select the check online services  option from the left side.
  • Click Chellan status.
  • Select vehicle  number 
  • Enter vehicle number 
  • Enter last five numbers of chassis number or engine number 
  • Enter captcha code
  • Click get details 
  • You can see the details of your chellan. 
  • You can see the details  of Chelan from the Chelan print.
  • You can see the receipt also.

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