How to check how many SIM cards are activated with our adhar card


        Today I would like to inform you about how to check how many SIM cards are activated with our adhar card.SIM cards allow subscribers to use their mobile devices to receive calls,messages. We will need ID proof like adhar card to buy a new  SIM card.we can use more than one SIM card for many purposes. Now we should link our SIM card with our Aadhar number.

      Today we are going to check online if someone else is using our aadhar number to take a SIM card. We can use a website to check the name of  SIM cards . It’s called telecom analytics  for fraud management and consumer protection. We can take 9 SIM cards . If you have more than 9 SIM cards, you will get a message  to avoid unnecessary  numbers.

       Firstly, open the TAFCOP website. Enter your mobile number. Click on the request  to OTP button. You will get an OTP.  You can see a list of  mobile numbers. The number you do not need,you can select this is not my number. 

      You can report it.   You can find the numbers that are connected  to your aadhar number.  You can also cancel the request.  You need a reference  number for it. Enter the reference  number.  You can select cancel.

      We can check it online. You should avoid unnecessary  numbers.

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