How to check fair value of land


      If you want to buy land you should definitely  know the price of the property.  When you seek the help of brokers,they will charge a huge price. It leads to great financial  loss. We can see how to find out the price of a land  by looking at the revenue department website. To avoid speculation  over the property prices , the state government fixes the fair value  for the land. It is applicable  on houses and flats,additional fees have to be paid for construction after adjusting  against  depreciation. 

We can check the fair value of land easily. 

How to check value of  a land

  • Visit the official  website  of IGR kerala portal.
  • Click search fair  value of land option. 
  • Enter district, RDO,Taluk,village,land type,etc.
  • Then enter block number survey number, survey sub division  number, resurvey number, re survey sub division  number. 
  • We will get resurvey number in adharam.
  • Click the view fair value option.
  • You can see the value of the land. 
  • 1R =2.47 cent

Eg :according to  123 /1 survey number, 1 cent = 54450 ÷ 2.47 = Rs 22045

You can see the fair value of particular villages, survey numbers.

  • These values were last updated as per the notification  published in March 2020.The department  is not responsible  for incorrectness of should verify  original  notification  issued  by RDO. 

       Fair value of a land is set by kerala  .we can use IGR portal to calculate  exact value  of land.The fair value is the fixed value by the state authorities. But the market value  is set by the marketplace  based on overall demand. Fair value is considered for stamp duty and registration  deeds.declared transaction  value lower than fair value of land. 

     According to the latest order,the property  tax assessment in Kerala is linked to the fair value of land. The urban affairs  department has prepared basic tax rates ,fair value of various  categories  of buildings.  The purpose of this list is residential, commercial, industrial, educational, theaters, hospitals, assembly buildings,resorts,parks and mobile towers. 

         Now , a new regime was introduced in which the tax was collected based on the area. In February  2020,the Kerala  government  announced  a hike in the fair value of land by up to 30 %.The market  price of land can be determined  without visiting  the property.  We can determine  the market price  of land with supply and demand,  condition  of property  and past transactions  of properties.  If the land is adjacent to the main road , it has greater value. Location  plays a biggest role .Determining the value of land comes from the quality  of construction of the building  standing  on it. 

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