How to check about the gas subsidy in your account 

             Many peoples have doubt about how to know LPG subsidy came into the bank account . We have to go to the bank for this little need . You can check online to see, if the LPG subsidy is credited in the bank account. 

          Under the subsidy scheme, customers who  get LPG subsidy they will get LPG cylinders at a fixed price . Some will later be subsidized into their bank account . 

  • Open the website 
  • Type 17 number LPG ID .
  • Those who do not know the 17 digit ID Click ‘here to know your LPG ID,. 
  • Enter company name, consumer number and mobile number.
  •  You get a 17 number ID.
  • Enter 17 number LPG ID .
  • Click the’ LPG subsidy online’ option.
  • Select the gas connection .
  • Entering into a new page.
  • Click’ Give feedback option’.
  • The form will come, enter customers all informations .
  • Click submit button .
  • Enter your registered mobile number .
  • Enter economic year2016 -17, 2017- 18 
  • You will get the details of the subsidy.
  • If  the Subsidy amount has not reached in  your account, click feedback button and you can file a complaint.
  •  If you are not linked to your LPG account you can solve a problem 
  • call toll free number 1800 2333 555 ,you can complained here

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