How to change the address in RC book online 


      Rc book is a registration  card issued by the government  of proves the registration  of vehicles. It is an official  document which states that your vehicle  is registered  with the Indian government. If you are an owner of a vehicle,you should  know the importance  of RC book.Now you will get it in the form of a smart card.when you buy a vehicle you have to get a vehicle registered with the RTO.  Vehicle registration is a process whereby you get the number plate of a vehicle and it is registered under the list and other records of the government. It helps to link the owner and the vehicle through a distinct identification number. Without proper registration you will not get the coverage for insurance. Sorry registration certificate is a certified paper which proves that the vehicle is registered with the Transporter division of Government of India.

         It is mandatory to register your vehicle within 7 days from the delivery of the vehicle. RC has two types of temporary and permanent registration. In temporary registration a numerical figure is allocated by the dealer from whom the vehicle is purchased. It is the temporary registration number. It is valid for one month and within one month the concerned vehicle must be registered by the Regional Transport Office. Permanent registration  is a legal document to prove the authenticity of the owner of the vehicle with the other important details.

      When the vehicle is transferred from one person to another the RC book address should be changed. It can usually be done by going directly to the RTO office. But now you can change the RC book address online. The documents to be uploaded and scanned. You do not need to go to RT office .


  • Scanned RC book
  • scanned  aadhar card
  • Downloaded form 33

How to change the address in RC book

  • Visit the official  website  of parivahan.
  • Select the vehicle related services from the online services  section. 
  • Select state. 
  • Enter  vehicle  registration number. 
  • Then click the proceed button.
  • Select the option to transfer to the RC book address.
  • Enter the last 5 digits of the chassis number of the vehicle. 
  • Click the verify button.
  • You can select  aadhaar number authentication. 
  • Enter the aadhaar number. 
  • Select OTP option.
  • Enter OTP  number.
  • Select change address option. 
  • Select the application  date.
  • Pay the fees Rs 370.
  • You will get a reprint receipt.
  • Upload the documents by entering your sign and date In form 33
  • Then click the submit button.
  • You will get an RC book from the RTO office. 

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