How to change normal television to smart television 

        Today I would like to inform  you about converting normal television  to smart television.  We can see online classes on normal  television  and LED TV without DTH and cable connection. We can browse the internet  on normal TV   only using a mouse and keyboard .

   We can do online jobs using this method. We can also use whatsapp, YouTube. We need an android  TV box. Its name is MX Q -4K.It has a different  storage capacity. It has  1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory. It supports 4K videos.

     We will get a box, power adapter,remote control,HDMI cable. We can connect a large SD card and 3 USB portals.  SPDIF socket used for    SPDIF digital audio output systems. We can connect a normal audio system/ normal TV   to the av out. HDMI socket  used to connect LED TV ,projector  and monitors. Eternity is used to connect to the net through WIFI.

    We can select applications.we can use remote as a mouse pointer. Select the network  settings . We can connect with wifi.  We can see a keyboard on the screen. We can login to YouTube  through this method.

     We can open Google play store and download apps.  We can connect a  mouse and keyboard  to this box.  We will get a quality output from this box.  We can open all sites and make payments through this box. We can share mobile screens  to the television.   

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