How to change Google pay UPI ID

Google Pay is the simplest way to send money home to others,recharge mobile.You can simply send or receive money .It has no can easily transfer money straight from your bank account to anyone. You can send or receive money if your contact is not on Google can recharge your mobile .you can pay monthly bills .you can go for shopping easily .you will get scratch cards upto Rs 1,00,000.if you win,your rewards go straight into your bank account. You can pay and receive money using your existing bank accounts.Google pay protects your money with a security system. It helps to determine fraud and prevent hacking.

Google Pay is a safe,simple,way to manage money .You can pay money to stores or can send and receive money from can connect with favourite businesses. You can understand your spending. You can transfer money easily and safely. You can create a group and send ,receive money for things like rent,bills,dinner and trips.your shared payments stay private.

When you send a payment, it stays between you and your friends. You will get quick access to your transactions. You can discover nearby restaurants. You can order can shop online through Google pay. You can manage your money. You can see the total balance from all your accounts.

You can save and grow your money. You will get cashback like paying friends. You can activate offers and get cashback for redeeming can easily enroll in loyalty and reward programs. It is a very safe method. You will need to use a pattern,fingerprint, pin,to verify identity. Only you can pay money.You can keep your private information safe.

How to change Google pay UPI ID

Open the Google pay application
Unlock the application
Select the profile icon
Select bank account option
You can add bank accounts.
You can select primary account also
You can see the UPI ID.
You can change the last letters.
Select manage UPI ID.
You can change the bank name.
Click plus button
Click the continue button.
You can see the UPI ID changed.
You can connect 4 bank accounts in one UPI ID.

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