How to build container houses 2022


     Now the affordability of container houses are increasing.most of the people prefer mobile, environment safe housing options. They wish to contribute to larger goods. Shipping containers are 10,20,40 ft sizes with width of 8 ft and height of 8.5 fts. The smallest container has a 100 ft carpet area. If you want to build a 15,000sq. ft residential unit it needs 9 shipping containers. Now container homes are well marketed for affordability. The cost of this house is cheaper than average spending on a house. Container homes need 2 weeks to be built. But other houses would take a few months. Container houses are highly susceptible to corrosion and rusting. It requires maintenance at regular intervals. If you are comfortable with these factors, you can select container houses.


     Container houses are innovative concept. It is made by steel in structure.It vis transformed into living space. These homes are very easy to modify. It can be built with a mix of 20 foot and 40 foot containers. It is easy to join multiple shipping containers to create a larger home. Most people select unique home designs and building shipping containers has some advantages.

Advantages of container homes


  • Cost effective
  • It requires fewer building materials.
  • It require fewer labor to construct
  • It can be built within 2 months.
  • These homes are easy to modify.
  • Easy to join multiple shipping containers to create large homes
  • You can create a second floor also.
  • These container houses are durable,
  • It requires less maintenance
  • These houses are secure also
  • Container houses are made with corten steel.
  • It can withstand weather conditions.
  • It can be made more secure by adding patio doors, windows
  • You can relocate it easily.
  • Steel is 90% recycled material.


      Now the containers have less prices. So you can purchase it at a low price. The 20 ft  container has Rs 1,72,000.40 ft container has 2,62, can purchase it and modify it. You  can make houses, restaurants, godowns, can purchase it from chennai port.It has transportation cost can start a business with these containers also.if you are a fabrication worker,you can contact  them.

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