How to become  a successful  entrepreneur 

      We can agree that female entrepreneurs  don’t get enough  press even for success. Every woman can be a successful entrepreneur . Great success always grows from a tiny seed. Personal  qualities  of a woman help them to make their big idea a reality. You should  identify  the entrepreneurial seed inside  yours. Solid business  plan is necessary  for a business  . And also money is also necessary. Family of a woman is important for starting a business. She should develop back up plans  and she will meet the needs of her family  and fully fill the needs of her customers. 

      A successful business  woman should learn from her experience.  There are financial  challenges  in a business.  She learns how  to handle the challenges and manage it.  She should have communication  skills also. The world is changing and opportunities are always increasing, you should recognise those opportunities.  To take those opportunities  and it is uncomfortable they may feel at the beginning.  To take your brand  seriously.  Feel confident  and continue to start learning everyday. Running a business  is stressful .To ensure you are not sacrificing  your physical, emotional  and mental  health. 

      Let’s get acquainted with a woman entrepreneur.  Her name was Ansiya Ramsheed,22 years,from Palakkad.She is an online entrepreneur. She is very intelligent  in art and craft regions.She earned  from this in her childhood. She got married  at Rs 18 years of age. And conceived a female  baby at 19 yrs of age. 

      She will get a lot of time, but she can’t use the time properly. She was living  a monotonous life as a housewife. Her husband always supported her and she attended drawing classes.She had a lot of knowledge  about plants. She is always active on Facebook.  She saw a post on Facebook about women entrepreneurship. She likes to start a business. She made a post of her own wish based on natural cosmetics. 

      She started promoting Ayurveda oils and food products that her mother used to make at home.As her post went viral,she started thinking about it seriously. She has a very strenuous job. She took a difficult  path pushing her limits. 

       She sold her first order at Rs 5000.She started Ummees naturals and sells cosmetics, food products, art and crafts through  this group. Her husband  supported  her . You can also become a good entrepreneur.  You should think about your skills and start to develop them. Do not waste your time. You can select a lot of businesses.  You can start to make natural  products.  You can earn a good profit  from these businesses. 

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