How to avoid excessive  ice forming in the freezer

            We are all use refrigerator at home. But it is common for ice to freeze in the freezer due to extreme cold. Today I want to share with you how to avoid freezing ice in the single door fridge freezer. When ice cubes are formed in the freezer, we remove them by beating. 

      Occasionally there is a risk of ice melting and water leaking out of the freezer during a power outage. Similarly if ice freeze in the freezer ,we will not be able to put anything in there.

       It is very difficult to clean this freezer.It is caused by the damage of thermostat in the freezer.We can change this thermostat.Thermostat is a device that turns off the compressor of the fridge when it is cold enough.If it is not off, ice may be formed.If the freezer knob  is broken in the fridge, fix it clearly.

        We can see how to change the thermostat.Switch off the fridge and remove the tops.We can use 10 mm D box spanner to remove the screws.Remove the sensor. Remove the wires and we can fix the new thermostat  to it.Fix the sensor.and fix the cover in the correct position.Tight the screws correctly. 

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