How to apply KSEB  for LED bulbs

     Today I would like to inform you about a new project launched by KSEB. This project is called filament free kerala. The purpose of this project is replacing the incandescent lamps and CFL s of domestic consumers in the state by energy.  KSEB distributing LED bulbs to the people. Each household get 20 LED bulbs. 

    The price of the bulbs add with the monthly electricity bills.we should return old bulbs.We can apply for this scheme through online. Open an account in KSEB website/section office .Enter user ID and password.  Enter the last digit of the electricity bill number,consumer number,personal details.Enter email ID. Activate the link.

      We will get maximum 20 bulbs. We can register for LED bulbs. We can pay the price of bills through our next month electricity bills. The price of one bulb is Rs 65. We get 9 volt bulbs.we can also replace the filament bulbs.

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