How to apply for smart card license online

A license is an official permission to use something. A License is granted by a licensor sir to the licensee. In the case of a license issued by a government it is obtained by applying for it. License may be issued by authorities to allow an activity that would be forbidden .An Indian drivers license is required to legally operate two or four wheeled vehicles on public roadways.A person must first obtain learner’s license.The individual must take the test in front of RTO within a month after learners permit. If you want to drive a vehicle legally on public roads, an Indian driving license is mandatory.A driving license is a very important document indicating ability to operate a vehicle.Driving license includes the photograph of license holder, registration number, name of the office, rubber stamp and signature of issuing RTO officer.

There are three different types of license issued in our country. They are learners license, permanent license and commercial license. RTA issues learners license to the applicant before giving permanent driving has 6 month validity. The applicant needs to submit valid documents at the RTO. During the 6 months the applicant is expected to polish his skills. RTA issues a permanent driving license if the applicant meets the eligibility criteria. The applicant should be 18 years of age and should clear the driving test. Sometimes he fails the driving test; he can reappear for it after 7 days.

Commercial driving license issued to heavy vehicle drivers. The application should be 18 years of age or above and should be trained either in a government training center or Government affiliated center. He should have completed 8th grade.You can apply online.


Age proof : Birth Certificate/passport/pan card/SSLC certificate /Transfer certificate
Address proof : Aadhar card/passport/electricity bill/voters ID card/ Ration card
Application form
6 Passport size photos
Application fees
Medical certificate

How to apply smart driving license online

Visit the Sarathi parivahan website
Select Sarathi services
Select new driving license option
Click continue option
Choose from learners license / foreign driving licence or defense license option
Based on what you select you will have to provide learners license details
Enter date of birth and click ok button
Add your name, age, address, class of vehicle,immediate family member data, educational qualification, Blood group and click submit button.
You will get an application number.
Upload supporting documents like ID,date of birth, address proofs, Learner’s license copy, physically challenged certificate passport copy, visa copy,medical certificate
Upload photo and signature by entering application number and date of birth
Book a slot for your driving license test by adding your application number and date of birth
Make the payment
You can pay the money by banking /credit/ debit card etc
Check all the details and submit application
Complete the form as directed
Submit the application
You will get and SMS after submission
Select appointment for LL test.
You can schedule learners permit test
Set the time and date for the LL test.

How to apply smart driving license online

Obtain the application form, medical certificate from the State Transportation website otherwise nearby RTO office
Fill it and submit to the RTO office with documents
Attach a passport size photos
Pay the fees and collect the payment slip.
Book a slot as per your schedule
Appear for the exam on time
Given a written exam followed by an interview ,take your practical exam.
If you pass the test you will have it to submit your biometrics.
You will get a driving license
If you fail you can appear for the test after 7 days.

You can easily apply for a driving license online. First you should apply for Learner’s license when you apply for a learning license along with a requirement document and the preparation for the computer exam. You should pass the learners license exam. Its validity is 6 months. After 1 month you should go to the RTO and take a driving skill test. After passing the driving skill test you got a driving license. Learners license temporary driving license. You can drive with this license. It is not a permanent driving license.

Smart card driving license is a tamper proof plastic card with embedded microprocessor 64 kb memory that stores all your information. All driving licenses now issued in most Indian states are in the form of Smart cards. Driving license holders can change their paper driving license to a smart card. It includes biometric information like blood group, fingerprint, body mark and the RTO information.

It stores all your details like signature,biometric, demographic and photographs. It helps to prevent a fake license and it helps the traffic police officers’ unique systems to decode the driving license holders information instantly. If you have a driving license you can apply for a new one and you will get a smart license card. The fees for Smart card license are Rs 200.

You can change the paper driving license to a smart card. Go to the RTO and ask for a form to upgrade your license. Fill up the form and submit the documents like an existing driving license, address proof and other documents. RTO will cross check the documents and take your biometrics. Pay the fees Rs 200.It is a centralized license printing.Now KL15 nationalized sector RTOffice and KL 01 RTOffice distributed this type of licenses.

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