How can we boil the rice with one whistle of the cooker

Today I would like to introduce a new trick for boiling the rice quickly. Usually takes about two hours for the rice to boil. But it can also cost a lot of firewood and gas. There are many different methods for cooking rice.

This is something that is done daily at home. But no one thinks of an easy way to do this. But we can cook rice very quickly. It will save us a lot of gas ,firewood and time.

We cook rice in the cooker.And it takes one whistle. Take two glasses of rice. Rinse well and put it in the cooker. Then pour 5 glasses of water according to the size of the glass in which the rice was taken.

Then put the lid on the cooker and put it on the gas. Turn off the flame when a whistle blows. Do not open the cooker immediately after turning off the flame. After waiting for sometime the cooker can be opened. The rice is not burnt. Mix the rice well.

Pour 5 cups of hot water into it.After 30 minutes open the cooker.we get well fried rice. We can save time, gas,and firewood.


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