Home security cameras- 360°angle,benefits ,how to connect it 

      Security camera can be used to protect your home. It is equipped with features such as night vision for clarity. Security camera is a video camera that records people’s activities in order to detect and prevent crime. It records  images in or outside a building. It captured the terrifying moments. The compounds are surrounded by high electrified fences with security cameras. It captures footage of your home and property. you can view on your smartphone from anywhere using an internet connection. Most of the cameras are motion activated and will record the detective motion and send you an alert.There are two types of security cameras. Wired and wireless cameras. 

Benefits of home security cameras 

  • It is more affordable 
  • It can be available in both wired and wireless. 
  • You can connect it to the internet and you can monitor your property.
  • These cameras are motion activated. 
  • It will record when they detect motion. 
  • Wireless cameras use WIFI to transmit surveillance footage to cloud based servers.
  • It helps to view the footage on any internet connected device. 

Smart security cameras

     Wireless security cameras are referred to as smart cameras. It is controlled with an app on a smartphone. It can integrate with smart home devices like Amazon alexa,Google assistant,smart locks,  smart speakers, smart lights,etc.you can analyze footage of any strangers in your backyard. 

     Wired cameras are physically wired to an onsite video storage recorder.it has a cable running to the storage device. It doesn’t use WIFI..It can be connected to the internet via ethereal cable. 

     Security cameras are the most effective deterrents .Good home security  cameras have essential features. It has sufficient video quality, motion detection, night vision two way audio, etc.some cameras can use facial recognition to detect people.  Some provide software features such as digital zooming, tracking,etc.

    You should ensure that the cameras cover the most important areas of your home.check the working of cameras. You should  install the cameras professionally. Most of the wireless cameras are very simple to set up,and install. It has an outlet nearby. It requires drilling through walls.

     Installing indoor cameras can be simple. Use mounting devices to attach the cameras to the walso e cameras have magnetic base.you should install weather resistant outdoor security cameras. You should charge the camera battery first,choose the installation location using the camera app .Install the mounting bracket using screws.Most of the security cameras have extra long cords.

We can see a quality  wifi  wireless  camera. It was installed at a low price.

Xiaomi home security camera 

  • It is a xiaomi 360°home security camera. 
  • It has HD clarity 
  • You will get a small box with it and a camera. 
  • It includes a USB charger, cable, base, screws.
  • Its USB adapter has 5w 2A.
  • You will get a user manual with it.
  • You can download the application .
  • It has different functions .
  • You can see all functions using this guide.
  • You can control the angles using mobile.
  • It has a switch to reset it.
  • It has a socket to connect it.
  • You can connect it to WIFI. 
  • Scan the QR code and you will get an application  link.
  • Download the application.and create a new account 
  • Select add device. 
  • Select video camera option. 
  • You can see the camera in your phone.
  • Press 3 seconds  to reset it.
  • You can connect another WIFI to it.
  • Place the QR code opposite to the camera.wifi connection  should be completed. 
  • Select the place .
  • You can select  the connected phone.
  • You can see all the pictures on your mobile.
  • You can select the mike icon and hear all sounds.
  • You can record and play the videos. 
  • You can share the videos.
  • You will get a notification alarm.
  • You can use SD cards for it. It records all visuals.
  • It has night vision. 
  • It has Rs 3000.
  • You can buy it online.

V350 PRO WIFI camera 

  • It is the same as the xiaomi camera.
  • You can download the application  and set it. 
  • It has Rs 1500

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