Home remedy to reduce the sneezing ,runny nose 

       Today we can see a home remedy for allergy. Allergy is the condition  that occurs in a persons immune system, reacts to substances in the environment. The substances are not harmful to our body.  It includes pollen, foods, climate, chocolates, medicines,etc. Most of the people has allergy to any one of the substances.

       It is very difficult condition. It affects our daily,y activities. . The symptoms  are mainly swollen lips, eyes,red rashes, itchiness,wheezing, cough,red eyes,sneezing, vomiting,cracked skin etc.

          Mainly allergies are many types. Commonly sneezing,runny nose, stuffy nose,headache are the main symptoms.  When any pollen like dust gets in to nose, it creates irritation  and our immune system  releases a chemicals,histamine  gives information to the brain to force the pollen out. So sneezing will be started. 

      Common cold also makes throat irritation, runny t spicy nose, and stuffy nose, throat pain. 

       Today we can see how to the symptoms  of allergy. Drinking chamomile tea reduces the sneezing. It untreated , it may lead to sinusitis, otitis media.

      Consume vitamin C tablets,zinc tablets.Avoid allergic situations. Drink plenty of fluids. Drink herbal tea.  Take steam inhalation. Eat spicy foods.

     Today I would like to inform you about an effective home remedy. It is a simple method. We can treat this allergic conditions with small onion.

       Wash and crush the small onion .Squeeze it and we get onion juice.  Take a small bottle and fill this juice  to instill the drops to the nose.Close the bottle and instill the nose. It helps to reduce sneezing, runny nose and stuffy nose. It has no side effects.  It clears the airway. 

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