Home remedy for Visual impairment

          During this time period, we are often seeing people who are too young to wear power glasses . Most people useslower glasses. The main reason for this is our diet and the work we do. In ancient times, the use of mirrors  was very few. At that time people eat healthy foods . Only if we eat foods that are healthier for the eyes, we can avoid the use of power glasses. If not ,you may need to use a power glass at an early age. We need to include vegetables in our diet such as carrots that enhance vision . 

           In ancient times people used special oils, on their heads to maintain their health. Most of us almost all of us use  low quality handheld oil. Instead you can introduce a coconut oil that you can make at home. This oil helps to boost the eyesight. We add another important ingredients to the common  oil used in the home. It is the black cumin that we find in the markets . This is a super tip for our lack of vision .


  •  Black cumin powder  – 2 teaspoon
  •   oil 

                Black cumin has most medicinal properties. Grind the black cumin well and take it to a bowl. Pour  coconut oil into it. Apply this on your head daily. If you apply it on your head, your eyesight will improve. It can be used continuously for a week. It can make a good difference for your  lack of vision. Please share this information to others.

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