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       Kitchen appliances are the heartbeat of our kitchen. It offers functions you desire, maintain aesthetic of space,fit your budget also.Selecting right kitchen appliances that march your style. There are a variety of kitchen appliances available in the market. First you should  consider your kitchen layout. It helps to work seamlessly together as one space.Important kitchen appliances are ovens,microwaves,refrigerators, freezers, range hoods,cook tops,etc.convection ovens are circulate heat,allowing food to cook faster .traditional ovens are used for baking, broiling,roasting, etc.cooktops are also important kitchen appliances. Gas,electric gas induction gas are three main types of cooktops.

     Microwaves can take up a lot of space. If you are planning on purchasing a double oven ,consider buying a convection microwave. It needs less space. Traditional dish washers are most popular. Home appliances are Machines which assist in household functions such as cooking, cleaning, etc.Home cooking provides simple, tasty,healthy food from the kitchen to the dining table. 

     Preparing food can be time consuming. With the right kitchen appliances you can make cooking more enjoyable. It can motivate you to think of creative new recipes. Regular utensils, you can buy modern appliances online .

      Food processor is very important  kitchen appliance.it helps to chopping,blending, make doughs and batters within minute.microwave is an essential appliance.you can reheating, baking cakes using microwaves.Hand blender is an important kitchen appliance.it can be used to stir ,beat,whisk liquids and batters in a single bowl.manual and electric  hand blenders are available. 

      Pressure cooker is another important  kitchen appliance.you can make rice, dhals, curries, can be ready in less than half an hour.mixer grinder is another important kitchen appliance. It is used for mixing, grinding, and juicing .It has multipurpose functions. An electric  kettle can heat water to any temperature faster.it insulates heat .

     Rice cookers are used to make  aromatic and delicious buriyani.it will ensure that it’s cooked to perfection every single time.kitchen appliances are everyday objects that come in different  shapes. It ranges from small ,compact devices. It can make our life easier. Kitchen stoves are versatile and used for various tasks. It helps to cook more safely. 

       We can see a place where we get kitchen  appliances and other home appliances at affordable prices. Microwaves are available at Rs 4500.you will get warranty from companies. 7 brand gas stoves are available .It is in Sai traders,Coimbatore. These appliances  have a 50 % discount. These appliances are in boxes with warranty. You can buy retail or wholesale. 

     You can buy electric appliances, furniture ,etc.80% appliances  are manufactured by them.IFB, BOSCH,Whirlpool,Lioyd,Samsung appliances  are here.washing machines are available at Rs 22,000.Installation done by company also.different types of gas stoves are here. 2 burner gas stoves are available at Rs 1300.pigeons,butterfly brands are available.  3 burner gas stoves have Rs 1600.

        Automatic gas stove costs Rs 2300.Home theaters are available at low prices. Its 5 branches are available here.They are Motorola,Samsung, etc. Speakers are available at 60% discount from market price.speakers are available at Rs 8000. 400 pieces are available. 

      OTG available at Rs 2000. Micro ovens are available at Rs 4500.IFB convection model 23 liter available at Rs 7000. It has a warranty, guarantee and GST bill.Tailoring machines are available. Water heaters are available at Rs 5500.its tank has 7years warranty. 

       Mixer grinder has Rs 2300.Fans,Iron box  are also available here.variety designed fans are available.  Induction has Rs 750.Refrigerator 180liter godrej available at Rs 8500.washing machines onida 6 kg  starts at Rs 4000.whirlpool single door available at Rs 16,000.3 door Whirlpool refrigerators are available.  265 litres has Rs 22,000.Double door refrigerators  at Rs 18,000.It has 10 years warranty. Semi automatic washing machine available at Rs 7000.AC 110 available at Rs 22,000.portable AC available at Rs 20,000.

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