Health benefits of cardamom

      Today I would like to inform you the health benefits of cardamom.Cardamom is a spice made from the seeds of several plants.It has slight sweet flavor. It has a smell. It is used to prevent bad breath. It helps to digestion.  It has anti oxidant, anti inflammatory properties. 

     It reduces cholesterol level. It has the ability to heal ulcers. We can take 3 cardamom in a day for good digestion.  It reduces acidity.  It relieves stomach pain. It helps to clean the kidneys, urinary bladder.

It reduces blood pressure. It has cancer fighting contents.It reduces vomiting and nausea.

    Today I would like  to make a drink with cardamom. Cardamom contains vitamins ,magnesium and minerals. We can take water crushed with cardamom. It reduces diabetes.

     Take 5 cardamom and 1piece of ginger, wash well and crushed it. Take a glass of water and put this mixture in to it. Boiled well. Filter in a glass. Drink this water empty stomach for 1 week. It reduces cholesterol,sugar and it cleanses the kidney.

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