Grief story of an auto Rickshaw driver  about their situations


      Today I would like to inform you about the grief of an auto worker who does not have a steady income. In this situation where the covid 19  is increasing ,most people are struggling without a steady income. Most people have lost their jobs because of covid 19. Most people struggle with even an early meal.

       Today I am sharing with you the experience of such a person. He is an  auto Rickshaw driver. He says he will no longer be in the video to talk about the suffering of the community including himself. It refers to a man named Nasar from Perimanna. These things he said  have  gone viral on social media.

      A lot of people suffer like this but it’s just that no one speaks out. He says government staff even get bonuses also. This Onam is celebrated by all Government employees. But this Onam is very difficult for the common man.

     A lot of people had to make up their daily meals with only ration goods during the lock down.They borrow money to run a family. Many people pledged their jewels.Many farmers complained that they were hit hard during  the lockdown.

       They struggled a lot to pay rent for their buildings  and meet power bills. Covid 19 crisis food security, public health  ,employment  and labor issues.

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