KFONE-Government of Kerala provide free internet 

The k- phone project announced by finance minister Thomas Isaac in the last State budget. The Kerala government is likely to provide data at a lower rate than jio. In k phone project, the Kerala government will provide free high speed internet connection for the poor. The scheme has official cleared and aimed at free internet connection  to over 20 lakh BPL families in Kerala. Rs 1548 crore project will also provide net connectivity at low rate for families with do not fall in BPL bracket.

                      In this scheme,  the government implemented financial assistance  from KIIFB to ensure all citizens have access to internet. It open the possibility for the state to take a giant leap in the IT sector. As many as 30, 000 government offices,  educational institutions would be linked through the high speed network. IT Park, seaport, airport are also benefited from the linkage.

                       This network will also link all mobile towers in the state. Internet connection made basic citizen right. Kerala cabinet given the final rod for Rs 1548 crores. For 20 lakh BPL house holder it will be free. Wi-Fi hotspot will be set up across the state to school, hospitals,  officers, houses. In this wifi scheme, around 30 million people will have free access to all websites 


  • To open the possibility for the state to take a giant leap in the IT.
  • High speed network in government offices and education institutions. 
  • Digitalization of government services
  • Small scale Enterprises using this scheme.
  •  It helps in high quality video conference
  •  It will also link all mobile towers

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