Google pay cash payment in petrol  pumps gives you Rs 500 cash back.


      We all use mobile phones.  Mobile phones are very important  in our life. Because it allows us to store data. It helps to carry your files wherever you go. Mobile phone reception has improved due to increased  use of satellites. It is a comfortable  way of communication. We can communicate with family, friends, etc.It is the most valuable  thing in the world. It is needed for everyone. It facilitates  us in our life. We can pay  with our  mobile phones.transfer money to friends, relatives  or others.others.we can easily access account  details. It saves time.

    Mobile phones help students  to access tools and apps that help to complete their class work.we can text messages to others.we can download games and play. It is used as an entertainment  tool. We can use photos,audio, video to record important information  for later use.It will alert you when you have doctors appointments. Phone started using GPS to direct us to our  destinations. We can use mobile phones to explore timetables,purchase and display  tickets.

      We can check account balances,transfer money  through  our mobile phones. It helps the children  with online classes. Now most people are using digital payments. 

       Now we can see how to pay cash in petrol pumps through Google pay.  You will get Rs 500 cashback also. Most people  do not know about this benefit. This service will be launched at selected pumps in India. This decision was made to promote digital payments. It is run by Google pay and Indian Oil Corporation.We can redeem the points in the Google pay and change to cash. 

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