Free Food distribution by central government

            Many  of us have accepted the free ration  that the state government has provided for us. Only a few people are the only one to receive the free ration. Our state government has allowed the date of received of this free ration  till the 20th April . Try to get this facility without delay. 

                  After that  there is the opportunity available to the common man ,to get the food grain from the central government. At present, there was a hope that it would  all be available. For the common man ,the expectation of a lot of people occurred a dissociation.

Not everyone gets the benefit. In case of a nationwide lockdown, these special packages are designed for the poor families in our country as well as for those who start small businesses. 

        The Central government has set aside Rs 1.70 lakh crore for this purpose. The benefits will be available in our state too. The issue of rice allotment begins after April 20 . We have been getting the benefits for 3 months. Priority for AY  card holders and BPL card holders will benefit from it .

      The decision to distribute the food share of the central government involves a scheme called Anna Yojana. The Anna project aims to rehabilitate over 80 crores of poor families.  The goal of this scheme is to support them in every way, in a particular situation in which their livelihood has ceased.

             In addition to the 5 kg of rice currently being supplied by the central government ,5kg of food grains and 1kg pulses are supplied per person. Coordinate the issue of matters relating to distribution .Central government distribution after April 20. But we have to get food allocation from other states of our country. Pulses are available at the rate of 1 kg/ card . Clear decisions will be made soon. Those with the AY card and BPL card are going to reach food share from central government.

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