Four  innovative business ideas that NRI can start 


        NRI people can start a business  in India. If you are an NRI ,you should  add a sparkle of your passion with different businesses. You can invest an amount in India. The returns in the Indian market  are higher.The scope of business in India is higher.There are a lot of business opportunities  in India. Our  country offers easy availability  of loans,funds,etc.NRI can invest in mining, tourism,coal,indian real estate, etc.India has a lot of business  opportunities. India has a lot of natural  resources and a well established  banking system.we can use technologies to increase the productivity  .we can get improved infrastructure business  ventures. 

      You should have a PIO card to make investments in should have a PAN card. Select profitable  business.  Selecting a well experienced  person to plan business. Our government  also offering several  facilities  to NRI people.We can see some business  ideas to start NRI people. We should make a change in this ideas and return on investment.  


   We should make a community.  We can connect the groups  of pravsi people. We will get a good profit  from this business.  You should  understand  the investment  and capital. In India, every thing is based on a culture. Starting  a business  is never easy. Select a perfect  location  and select profitable products. You should have an amount for various  activities that start the registration  of the supermarket  and hiring of employees can select funding from a financial  institution that offers low interest can select a location,  where there is crowd .you should select  the products on the basis of the location  and audience holds. You should have a business  plan. Stock your supermarket with variety  of products. Arrange supermarket in a way that make it easier  for customers. Train your staff on how to handle various  customers. You should  develop  a community  and loyal customer  base. 

  1. Health related  women hubs

You can create women based hubs. You can give training for zoomba,yoga , health awareness  and health  activities. We can create it in each panchayat.ypu should connect womens and start it. You should start online and develop a brand.

3,Service hub

You can start a hub operation. Now most people uses mobiles. So its repair is also increasing.  We can select  an organized service  hub. You can provide  online and offline services. It provides customized professional  services  to people.

 4 .Interior Construction 

Everyone  focus online . So we can make home theaters in homes. So Construction field workers  has a good opportunity  in future.  We can start it as a business.  These are return on investment  businesses. You will get a good competition.  So you should  give special  focus to the community  building.  An interior designer  has creativity, special  skills and knowledge  required to design  a beautiful  space. You should make your own style in your works. You can build a website  and  make new clients. 

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