Fastag mandatory  for 4 wheelers from 1 January 2021

       Today I would like to share with you a change in vehicle law from 2021 onwards.From 2021,the law will make it mandatory to fast tag all 4 wheelers. This law applies to four wheelers across the country.The law also makes fast tags mandatory for vehicles prior to 2017.Fast tag was previously mandatory for vehicles after 2017.

     Fastag is a reloadable tag which  enables automatic deduction of toll charges and you pass through the toll plaza without stopping for cash transaction. This fastag is linked to prepaid account .A tag is affixed on the vehicles windscreen .This fastag is operational at 407 toll plazas across highways.Always maintain sufficient balance in your prepaid account.

      Thus many types of traffic blocks can be avoided.It is very useful .Fastag is also mandatory for 4 wheel MN vehicles.Fastag is also mandatory to receive third party insurance from april 2021.We can save time.It is electronic method .

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