Every one should know these Important 4 changes

       Today I would like to inform you about the new announcements  from the central government. These are very important  changes in our country. We get a lot of benefits during lock down time,from central and state government.  Today I would like to inform you 4 important  changes.

       All changes affect the general public.We get many benefits from central and state governments. These benefits are very helpful to us. State government gives many benefits  to us.

     Special rice will get  March and April months.We will get 10 kg foodgrains at  Rs 15/kg. And also we will get special kits till April.

      A news  spread through the media in recent days that we will have to pay a fine of Rs 2000 for coming with children in public places.But it is a fake news.

     A new decision is to implement a welfare fund for members of the employment guarantee scheme.The members of employment guarantee scheme will get health protection, educational assistance, marriage assistance. They will get pension after the age of 60 years. If the member dies, their family get family pension. The dividend is Rs 50.

     The price of cooking gas has been Increased by Rs 26. Now the price of cylinder is Rs 726.No announcement has been come about the subsidy.

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