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Etihad Rail, a prominent railway company of the United Arab Emirates, has called on the aspirants who are looking forward to the world of growth and endless possible days in the organisation. The company has called for vacancies in different job profiles, for the aspirants who are freshers and also have an experience in the similar field. The vacancy for the job profile is open for everyone with respect to their ages and regions. Read on further for knowing about the job profiles and the application process.

Company Name: – Etihad Rail

Location: – United Arab Emirates

Industry: – Exchange

Nationality: – Any

Educational Qualifications: – BACHELOR’S DEGREE / DEGREE

Job Published English Date: – 26.05.2023.

job Published Arabic Date: – 6 Dhul Qidah – 1444 AH

Selection Process: – Interview – Documents Verification

Application fees: – Free for all Candidates

An Overview of the company- Etihad Rail Career

The Etihad Rail is a prominent railway company in the land of United Arab Emirates which began its operations in 2009. The company aims to develop and operate the integrated National rail network of the country. The rail connects a lot of cities across the countries within no time. The rain connects the cities and industrial zones of UAE with no time. The motive of Etihad Rail is to enable easy transportation, value the time of the passengers and provide economic growth and enhance the connectivity across the country.

One of the primary objectives of the address is to contribute to the economic development of the country by facilitating the movement of goods and passengers across the countries connecting the key industry areas. The rail network transports bulk commodities such as Oil,gas, and minerals as well as other goods including the construction materials and agricultural products to different stations. The rail network  also reduces the emission of carbon and enhances environmentally friendly transportation. 

The Etihad railways is designed in such a way that it supports the existing road, air and sea infrastructures and provides an efficient mode of transportation for both goods and passengers. The Etihad railways connects around 7 Emirates of UAE stretching from the border of Saudi Arabia in the West to the border with a man in the East. The rail network has been developing since the evolution of Etihad in the United Arab Emirates. The construction work of growing the railways has been taken in different phases. The network enhances safety and also meets the international standards and best quality services in the sector of railway operations.

The Etihad Rail career places a strong role in emphasising employees with training and developing their workforce for the growth of the company. It also ensures a safe and growing environment for all the staff and employees in it. The company also is known for providing other benefits for its employees. Together the company plays an important role in providing the transportation for the goods and services and the passengers. It also provides this sustainable economic growth in the transportation infrastructure for the country. Another important role it plays is the connecting of community industries and contributing to a more efficient transportation system in the UAE for its residents and visitors.

The Etihad Rail career opens the opportunity for the aspiring individuals to join an eminent rail group of UAE. The company ensures in providing more opportunities and in improving the skills and talents of the aspirants. The company ensures proper training for even the freshers and the experienced ones of the different fields for working of  smooth operations inside the organisation.


Etihad rail career being one of the key railway networking systems of UAE has opened its vacancy for recruiting under various job profiles. The Etihad career  provides the aspirants for stepping up towards the world of growth and endless possibilities inside the organisation. The vacancy is given in the official website of the rail carriers. The qualification for each post varies accordingly. Some of the vacancy and listed below:

1: procurement officer

2: Off-Track equipment operator

Not only these but the Etihad Rail career usually gives out recruitment for various job profiles in its official website. The present given vacancy can be filled by any of the aspiring individuals you respect of their ages and regions. The qualification for each of the vacancies is mentioned in the official website of the company.

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How to apply

The Etihad Rail career is a prominent railway company of the United Arab Emirates that has a motive of developing an operating and integrated National Rail network across the country. The Etihad rail career has opened a vacancy on its official website. All of the application process will be done through online means only. The interested aspirants can login to the official website of the company and apply for their favourable and desired job profile.

The aspirants are requested to fill the applications with all the given instructions by the company in its official website. The aspiring individuals are also advised to carry a CV that should be relevant and also genuine. It should also highlight your educational qualification and also if any experience is in the similar field or in the job profile you have applied for. After submitting the application, wait for the response from the organization. After scrutinizing the applications, the company will call on for the further recruitment process. 

The Etihad rail career would be a very big operation day for the aspiring individuals who dream to work together for creating a work space of collaboration and who always strive to increase and enhance the scale and talents for reaching new heights.

Apply soon for your desired post. Maybe you could be the next one to be hired in the company.

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