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ENOC Career in Dubai

Emirates National oil company ( ENOC) is a famous global oil and gas company of UAE which has laid its vacancy for various job profiles inside various departments of the company. The candidates or the aspirants who were wishing to work under the known oil and gas companies of Dubai then this could be a massive chance. The company plays a strong role in cultural fit which makes the candidates even from any region across the world to be very much comfortable in their job profile and the surroundings of the company. The company welcome’s the aspirants who can fill the qualification criteria for joining the job profiles for joining inside the company.Read on for further details.

Company Name ENOC
Industry Oil & Energy
Nationality Any
Job RollSelective
job typeFull Time job
EducationBACHELOR’S DEGREE / DEGREE / Equivalent
Job Published English Date25.05.2023
job Published Arabic Date 5 Dhul Qidah – 1444 AH
Expected salaryAttractive salary
Salary Unit Monthly
Experience range 0 to 4 years
An Overview of the company- ENOC Career

The Emirates National oil company is a very famous and distinguished company which is known for its service in providing the supply and distribution of oil and gases across the UAE the. The company is known for its consistent growth in the field of its services.

It controls all the work including from the production to the distribution of the main commodities or elements of the company. The company works in the process of energy value chain. ENOC plays a major role from the exploration of the raw materials to its final production. The company ensures each and every step with care and experts being employed. Further from the production to  its marketing the company held its hand till the end.

The ENOC career  plays an important role in the energy supply across the United Arab Emirates. It controls the energy values across the country. The company is known for its excellence in work and in each unit of various departments under it. From the beginning to the distribution the company makes sure that the efficient employees and staff take their spaces for each work. The company ensures advocate training for each and every employee being employed in the company at different levels they are given the proper instructions for working inside the important places.

The operations of the company are completely divided into two departments namely upstream operations and downstream operations. The upstream operations include the process like exploration and production of oil and gas. Whereas the downstream productions include refining of crude oil into various petroleum products such as gasoline diesel, each department is given proper instructions and the employees are trained for performing the required duty in the quality way.

ENOC career as a company based on energy also holds the idea of being sustainable to the world. Sustainability and innovation are two different paths from the beginning and so on. The company takes a commitment for providing this sustainable development across the country and its production in the process of extractions of raw materials and also in various other operations. The company also initiats latest technology for replacing the older ones in order to find alternative sources of energy which will in turn provide the conservation of the environment for the future generation.

The company has huge branches and networks across the service stations. The service includes convenience stores across the country for providing fuels and other automatic services. There are other services and operations which are provided by the company, mainly car wash facilities etc open for the people in the country.

It also plays a major role in the production of lubricant products for various industries across the different parts of the country, a huge scale of Greece and industrial products are also part of the company production. It also provides various materials for different industries mainly automotive, Marine and construction companies across the country. It gives a commitment in providing the quality service and products for its clients and the customers.

This could be a very big opportunity for the aspirants who have always wanted to join an energy based company. The ENOC career opens wide job profiles for the candidates enjoying the company in Dubai. The company ensures in taking the quality candidates who qualify the qualification criterias and also in various other fields such as the willingness in order to join the company and the mind of taking the risk and exploring the different levels in the company.

ENOC Job Vacancies

The ENOC is hiring aspirons for various departments of the organisation in different job profiles. This could be a chance for the aspirants who were eagerly waiting for starting a career in Dubai and that too in the energy field. The company has called on for the vacancies in its official website. Some of them unlisted below. The qualification criteria for each of the job profiles before each other.

1: Reconciliation Analyst

2: Finance Analyst

3: Customer Service Representative

4: IT Quality Control Senior Analyst

5: Application Security Engineer

6: Senior Security Analyst

7: End User Support Engineer

8: Training Officer CNTG

9: Terminal Operator

10: Refinery Trainer

11: Operator B

12: Assistant Technical Inspector

Not only the mentioned vacancy is but also the candidates can apply for various other opportunities provided in the official website of the company. The company is just for a bachelors in information technology computer science computer engineering etc in various departments.The  company calls for minimum of 4 year experience,in the similar field. It can vary for each of the profiles.

How to apply

In order to apply for the career in ENOC in Dubai the Candidates it’s needs to visit the official website of the company. After visiting the official website the candidates can scroll down for choosing their favourable post in which the company has given vacancy. After choosing the favourable post the candidates can apply for the post through online itself. Note for the candidate will be to carry our genuine and relevant resume which will ease the process of getting qualified for the company along the process of recruitment.

Make sure that the candidates do mention their skills and interest in joining the profile they have applied for. The salary and benefits for joining the company is known to be appreciated by its existing employees. The candidate is also requested to know about the company thoroughly and about the job profile they have applied for before the interview happens. The selected candidates will open their way towards joining one of the most reputed oil and gas companies of the United Arab Emirates.

So what are you waiting for? If you were the one who was wishing to join an energy company like ENOC careers  then this is the chance. Apply soon.

ENOC Dubai Job Vacancies 2023APPLY NOW

Good luck.

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