Electric  vehicles  charging station  


      Electric vehicles use battery packs to store the electrical energy. This vehicle uses one or more electric motors. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly as they run on  electrically powered engines. Petrol or diesel engine vehicles emit toxic gases  in the environment. Electric vehicles help improve air quality and will lead to less health problems. That’s why so many people buy electric cars. Electric car Innovation and Technology helps to grow the economy. We can use electricity to charge the battery  . Electricity can come from renewable resources such as solar power.

    It  requires less maintenance. Electric cars do not even need to change oil every 3000 miles. There are several types of electrical vehicles. They are  plug-in electric vehicles, Hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Electric vehicles recharge  from any external source of electricity. Hybrid electrical vehicles combine fossil fuel powered with electric propulsion. Plug in hybrid vehicles charged to the batteries provided through both  plugin source and electric propulsion.

     These vehicles increase rider comfort. We can save more than 70% on fuel cost. Most highway speed electric vehicle designs Lithium ion and Lithium based variance batteries. Electric vehicles contain electric motors ,AC/ DC converters ,electronics,and large batteries.

      Electric charging station is a piece of equipment that supplies electrical power for charging plug-in electrical vehicles. Charging stations have smart metering, cellular capability, network connectivity etc. These stations provide special connectors that conform to the variety of electric charging connectors.

       The Government of India undertook multiple initiatives to promote manufacturing of electric vehicles in India. They will get support from the Indian government to start  penetrating the Indian market. Availability of adequate charging stations is important. Private charging at residences shall be permitted.

     Any person wanting to set up a public charging station may apply for connectivity. He shall be provided connectivity by the Distribution Company licence.The central government  given action for setting up 2636 charging stations in 62 cities in 24 states under FAME.

      If there is empty space next to Government institutions, you can apply to the central ministry for construction of an EV station. Each service station is going to be started in each district. We have to leave the place on a 10 year agreement. You will get rent Rs  70 per unit. If it is a sunny place they will install solar panels. If they do not get enough sun exposure, they will take the current connection of KSEB. You will have to pay an NOC for that connection to anert. If  you have any doubt please contact anert. 

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