It is a health project introduced by the government of India and the health department of Kerala.  The main aim is to provide a convenient centralized Healthcare system to the people.  All people get a unique identification and health care record.  The main aim is to provide a pollution-free environment, take care of the weak, providing a healthcare system for the people. You should register this portal using your aadhaar card. you will get a permanent unique health Identifier number.

          E-health is the use of communication and information technologies for health. It allows us to improve the quality of treatment. It helps to reduce the pressures on public health care. e-health applications are used to get health care services. We can manage, transmit, store, record information and payments through the e-health portal.

     It helps to access patients’ records quickly and we will get effective health care. It reduces paper works,duplication of costs, etc. It reduces medical errors. It reduces the stress of staff. It makes efficient patients record. It helps to save time.

      We will get a unique health identity card. We can use this card for a lifetime at government hospitals for getting treatment. We can make advance appointments. It is an electronic health record for every citizen. Health workers will visit their hometown and take details about individual family members. It will make it easier to access doctors, regulate queues in outpatient departments. It provides telemedicine facilities also. 

How to  create an e-health UHID number 

  • Visit the official website of e-health. https://ehealth.kerala.gov.in
  • Click the online services section. 
  • Create a permanent UHID number using aadhaar number. 
  • Enter the aadhaar number. 
  • You will get an OTP number to the aadhaar linked mobile number.
  • Enter OTP number. 
  • You can see your personal details. 
  • Enter your mobile number and click the submit button. 
  • You will get a UHID number. 
  • It is a 16 digit number. 
  • You can schedule an appointment using this UHID number. 
  • We can save lab reports,  full health history.
  • You will get an SMS about the token, hospital details, appointment time, lab details, etc.

Help line Numbers

104,0471 2552056,0471 2551056



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