Covid Relief fund for Pravasi Malayalees

                   For the Pravasi’s in Kerala, they are being helped in 3 ways . This should be a huge benefits for them . Apply as soon as possible. Currently the state government is providing the benefits through NORKAROOTS. Visit the official website and apply now. As Akshaya Centre or common service centre has already announced concessions . Eligible candidates should try to apply as soon as possible. From April 18th, application began. We can easily apply till April 30.

        With so many people logging into the site at once, there are chances that the site will be slow to load. One time assistance of Rs 1000 is given to the members of Kerala Pravasi welfare fund. That is the addition to the existing pensions. 

                 Welfare fund members ,who have been confirmed by Covid 19, will be given an assistance of Rs 10,000 . As the covid  19 is included in the Santwana scheme through NORKAROOTS, the benefits of this pension scheme is for those who have been diagnosed with this disease and have come back from abroad. The beneficiaries of the concession scheme are those who have a not.

        Benefits from the santwana scheme for people who have completed two years or more in foreign countries and have not returned after 10 years. This benefit is available only to those who do not receive any benefits from the non resident welfare fund board . 

         Next scheme for Pravasi is up to Rs 5000. For Pravasi’s returning home on or after january 1, 2020 those who are unable to return to work due to lock down will get up to Rs 5,000 . Application will be accepted until April 30. When applying for this, the applicant has to provide the savings bank account details. It has been informed that the money will not be transferred to the NRI account.


  • Age, name, district
  • Bank account details 
  • Valid mobile number.
  • Passport front page copy uploaded 
  • Passport address page copy uploaded.
  • Copy of the ticket ,proving that you have arrived home after january 1,2020/ Passport copy.
  • Visa copy 
  • Photo 
  • Bank passbook copy 

All eligible Pravasi’s applying will receive this benefit.

 Helpline numbers 

Trivandrum   9495231749 ,    81297396 58 ,     9526056800

 Kollam          8289889610 , 95622951916 Pathanamthitta       9895 634 239 

Alapuzha         9446095099

Kottayam         9847463156 

Ernakulam       9497685653 

Thrissur           9995885281 , 9497492778 Palakkad         8078188315 

Idukki              8547784694 

Wayanad         7907963045   9496852965 Kozhikode       9495106941 , 9847165448 Kannur           9447619044 , 9745986753 Kasargod 9037730304 

Malappuram   9447653355 ,   9446793250

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