Consumption of red meat harmful to kidney 

             We can’t live without red meat because it is very essential food for Malayalees. They can’t think to live without red meat in food.  But that is very dangerous to health. Because it affect our kidney’s functions.            

                 Nowadays we get the poisonous meat. Before killing the buffalo,take an injection to fail the both Kidneys of the animal.It will increased  excess of water in their body and the animal become bulged. l And they remove the skin layer, slowly cut the head. It helps toincrease the weight. The injection is very harmful to our Kidneys it will causes the damage to our Kidney, we don’t know about this thing. 

                Mainly animal protein generates high amounts of acids in the blood. It can be harmful to the Kidneys.It causes the Kidney cannot eliminate acid fast enough,  animal sourced protein from red meat has received particular attention as being possible kidney toxic. Redmeat has been implicated in recent reports as potentially harmful to human health. The peoples are highest amount of redmeat had 40% increased the risk of developing end-stage Kidney Disease compared with people who ate lowest amounts. The patients with chronic disease who consumed diet high in animal protein were 3 times more likely to develop kidney failure than patients who consumed vegetarian diet.


  •  to reduce the intake of red meat 
  • To build the slotter houses

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