Common kitchen design  mistakes 


      Kitchen is a very important  part of a house. It is used for cooking. A kitchen is equipped  with a stove, sink with running water,refrigerator, cabinets,microwave  oven,electric  appliances.  We can store,prepare, and cook  food .The design  and construction  of kitchens is a huge market all over the world. The kitchens were divided based on the types of food preparation.The kitchen always separated  from the great hall due to smoke from cooking fires .The kitchen designs included regular shelves,workspace,storage areas for various food items. 

     Kitchen is the most used room in a house. A kitchen design you will love for years to come is of utmost importance. Kitchen should be functional, convenient  and easy to use. It can be based on layouts, finishes, accessories  and more. 

       Kitchen contains the appliances, tools necessary  to prepare  meal.without kitchen, the home would likely feel empty  and confused. There are many reasons that have led us to understand  the necessity of a kitchen in the home. Many homeowners have comfortable seating  areas,storage cabinets, spaces for work units in the kitchen. We can use the kitchen in a variety  of ways that work best and enhance lifestyle. 

      Today we can see what are the things to know before making a kitchen. What are the common mistakes in kitchen design? Kitchen remodeling needs a large investment .When your design  is well planned, you can avoid making common design  mistakes. 

       Ignoring  the kitchen work triangle is a common mistake.  Your sink, stove, and refrigerator make up three points in the work triangle. You should keep the space between  each point between four and nine feet. You should give enough  storage in the kitchen. You should design your kitchen with shelves with racks for dishes. When the kitchen is small, you can maximize space by installing cabinets  up to sealing.

      Gas cooktops need proper ventilation. You should give space to stand in front of appliances.  Open it without bumping into another cabinet. We should give proper positioning  to the countertops. We can provide 45 cm height to the furnace counter. 

     Kitchen needs a stove counter. You should give importance  to the stove counter. You can give 85 cm height to the gas stove counter. You should give a hole to the stove counter. You should pay attention  to the wash counter.  We can provide space to the outside  to make a wash counter. Give belt support  to the wash counter. You should give 85 cm height to the wash counter. You should give a height difference to avoid the floor wetting. We can provide  grilling  to the wash area. 

        We can provide extra concrete support to the furnace counter. It is a cost effective  idea. We can make other counter tops at work areas we can give 90 cm at finishing . In a modular kitchen, do not concrete counter slabs. They will frame it.we should provide a chimney gap  slopely. We can select ferrocement shelves. It is very easy to manage and cost effective.  Provide a window opposite to the furnace. We can provide exhaust  fans also. 

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