Cleaning mop manufacturing business – Rs 1lakhs profits/ month


     Home based business  is a profitable  business.  Now most of  the people  like to work from home.The best home business  is one that meets most requirements on our list. You should select  a good business plan. You can earn good income from this business. Home businesses  are small businesses  that operate  from our home . It has a small number of employees.

       We can start a number via successful home businesses.most of the people start small businesses with low investment. Home based businesses  are much easier  to start.The amount of money you can earn depends on the way of business  you choose.starting a home business  can be the best way to meet your goals. So many people start home based businesses  along with their jobs. Best business videos come from the intersection  of skills planning,and timing. 

     Home based businesses  need low investments. You have to spend 8 hours every day in it.  You have flexibility to work as per your availability  in your work.  You will get personal freedom. You can earn more income by this business. You can spend more time with your family. 

       Today we can see  new business  ideas. We can start this business  with a machine. Everyone wants to start a business  with low investment.  Most People do not want to take risks. We can start  this business  at home with low investment. It doesn’t need a licence. GST registration  is necessary  .we can establish this manufacturing  unit in our home. We need a K swift clearance  certificate.  

         Wecan see how to make a cleaning mop. We can manufacture and sell   this product  to the markets. We can make a mop at Rs 30. It needs cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is made from cotton waste. We can buy wholesale from online markets. . We need clamb , cup, mop stick. We can select wooden, metal type mop sticks.  We can sell it for Rs 75.  We will get a high return  from this business. 

      We should prepare a rolling pattern. We can cut  yarn manually. Then fix this yarn with the help of a plastic cup and holder. We will need machinery.  The price of this machine is Rs 4999. We Used this machine to fit the clamp. We can press and fix the clamp. Then fix it to the mop stuck. We should select marketing . We can make a marketing strategy  . We will get Rs 4500 / you can start this business  with low investment.  We need Rs 10000 initial investment.  

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