Central and state government making arrangements for repatriation of NRI’s

                 Registration of Pravasi’s who wish to return NORKA has begun. As of  April 29 , from 150 countries ,320,463 have registered . Those who lost their jobs, those  on visiting visa, children and pregnant women are waiting for their return . According to unofficial estimates, between 3 to 5.5 lakh Malayalees may return  within a month. This registration is being done by the government of Kerala for the provision of basic facilities for the returning persons. Just because you register first, no one  thinks you can get to home first . By registering people in this manner the government is able to determine the priority based on the information it receives.

       These priorities are put before the central government. For example, through the NORKA registration,  the government of Kerala has received information about the number of people who lost their jobs, how many are pregnant  and how many children.

The information can be communicated to the Central Government and state government can share with the central government what kind of people it wants to be in the first place.

               Kerala is hoping that the central government will take a fast decision to bring back the pravasi’s.As the  steps are being taken to the trapped Indians to their home states, it is an indication that an immediate decision will be taken with regard to the pravasi’s as well. Similarly the number of people from which country they come to the state, is also given to the districts on a Panchayat basis. Kerala is making preparations  accordings.

              No one would think that having been registered in NORKA, they  would be brought home for free . It is up to the central government to decide how and when to bring people. The state can only give its opinion. Kerala has asked the central government to provide special protection to those who have lost their jobs and the prisoners. If there is a plan for the central government to bring in any special category , free of charge/ special return flights , it may be possible to make another registration with the embassy . In some countries , the embassy has even started direct registration. The Pravasi returning to Kerala will have to go to Quarantine.

         At the airport /at the port, after a medical checkup ,the decision is made whether to go to quarantine or  be transferred to a hospital for treatment. For those who do not have a quarantine system in their homes, the state government will prepare a quarantine.  In the news ,we can see that the central and state government is already started in the process of returning the pravasi’s. Let us hope that those who are trapped abroad, will soon be able to return home.

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