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We can earn money through online

      Today I want to introduce about online jobs.we can earn through online.Most people lost their jobs due to covid 19. They do not know what to do. But increase financial difficulties. They can’t go out and do jobs.But we can earn from home through online.    Today I would like to introduce  two metho ds of...CONTINUE READING

How to increases the speed of a ceiling fan

       Today I would like to inform you about how to increase the speed of ceiling fan.Ceiling fan gives fresh and cool air across the whole room.It Is useful for cooling.The ceiling fan can be found in every home.It has good speed when first purchased. But after a while you can see the speed decreases.      Today...CONTINUE READING

We can connect two Television in one set top box

    Today I would like to inform you about a new information that we can connect 2 TV connections  from one set top box . Now all houses have new televisions. So they stored their old televisions  to the storeroom.    one set top box connect only with one TV. But now we will gives a new...CONTINUE READING
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5G smart phones coming soon

      Today I would like to inform you about a news for don’t bring any phones this phones.we can wait sometimes. And buy  the quality phones at low cost . We will get cash backs from many flat forms like  amazon,mantra,etc.       We can purchase the phones through cash on delivery. That time also we will get...CONTINUE READING
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Importance of solar panels

     Today I would like to inform you about the importance of solar panels . Solar panels are one of the best things to keep in our homes during hot weather. Because we use a lot of electrical appliances in hot weather. It will increases our current level a lot. This is one of the best...CONTINUE READING

Mini air conditioner at Rs 1000

         Today I would like to inform you about an air conditioner at Rs 1000. Now is the time to warm up.Air conditions and air coolers are a relief for everyone.But these will give a good price. That is why many people go through this heat and move on. Today I Would like to inform you...CONTINUE READING