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Petrol making from plastic 

                  plastic is a material consisting of wide range of synthetic or semi synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and it can be moulded into solid objects. Plastic is a material that can change its shape. Making them the right shape is easy. The plastic will become soft enough to form into different shapes and they...CONTINUE READING
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Newest Samsung Galaxy foldable flip phone laubch on February 14

            Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate headquarters in Samsung town,  Seou.l Samsung comprises numerous affiliated businesses united under the Samsung board. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung Chui  In 1938 as a Trading Company.                   Samsung Galaxy is a a series of computing devices designed,  marketed and manufactured by Samsung electronics. This includes the Samsung...CONTINUE READING
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How to  renew driving licence

 According to motor vehicle act,  it is mandatory for an individual to possess  a driving licence. It is also implies in the Indian state of Kerala, does not permit an individual to drive without licence.           The RTO of Kerala is entrusted with the responsibility of issuing a driving licence to citizens. They also provide issuance...CONTINUE READING
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Portable Mini AC

 Air conditioning for portable use,  cooling energy saving non- freon and health. Portable air conditioners free standing units that cool a room, a window unit does. These are look like a dehumidifier.It can  cool down rooms with more efficient                  75 %of US has Central AC,  there are millions of homes in cold climates, that don’t...CONTINUE READING
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Solar Mini inverter

 Solar inverter is a type of electrical converter which converts the variable DC output of a PV solar panel into AC that can be fed into a commercial grid or off grid electrical network.                         The functions adapted for or use with photo Voltaic arrrays including powerPoint tracking .The Solar Mini inverter used in isolated systems...CONTINUE READING
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Solar powered refrigerator

 solarpowered refrigerator is a refrigerator which runs on solar energy directly by sun. The solar system is ideal for use in commercial or household refrigerators.It eliminate reliance on an electric grid.It does not requires battery ,stores thermal energy for sufficient use, when sunlight is absent .The power is supplied  not by domestic electrical supply system...CONTINUE READING
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Free energy water pump 

  electricity is a form of energy. We used to power electrical devices electricity Surround us we use with thousands of different ways . Now a days electrical devices are rapidly developed to make day to day work being easier and faster.It is impossible to think without electricity.We use free energy water pump to fill...CONTINUE READING
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How  to sharpen the mixer grinder blade

Today we learnt how to sharpen the mixer blade. Sometimes the efficiency of mixer grinder decreases, grinding will take more time. A wonderful idea to increase the sharpness of mixer grinder blade it make your task easier and quicker.So many ideas to increase the sharpness of mixer grinder How to sharpen mixie blade STEPS The...CONTINUE READING
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Renew driving licence online

Driving licence is the most important milestone in our life. To renew the driving licence online we required the documents Application forms number 9 ,number 1 Expired  driving licence Medical certificate Proof of age( birth certificate ) 4 passport size photos Aadhar card Rationcard Fees Please open the link Kerala mvd.gov.in. In the right side...CONTINUE READING
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how can we download the rationcard in the mobile app/ente rationcard

  It is an initiative of civil supplies department of Government of Kerala. Government website for applying new ration cards and complaints.  The inauguration of this website done by tilottaman, the Minister of food and civil supplies of India .Rationcard online system helps the ordinary people entering the Civil supplies .Ente ration card services available...CONTINUE READING
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