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Have you seen the clay cooker?

      Today I would like to introducing about a clay cooker. It is in chelary, malappuram. We can see many things made up of clay. We can see a cooker made up of clay.Mainly it is 3 types. 3 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter. Its price is Rs 900, Rs 1200.       We can see idli cooker....CONTINUE READING

Pravasi welfare fund 

      Today I would like to inform  you  about welfare scheme for pravasi. Our state government has decided to provide huge benefits to the pravasi. Today I would like to share with you an important point to note for those working abroad and those returning from abroad.       Our state government will provide training to those who...CONTINUE READING
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Easy way to shift gas cylinders 

           Today we can introduce  a multipurpose trolley.We can use trolley for a lot of things. It is a telescopic trolley.we can use this trolley to items on the card board can be carried from one place to another. We can use this trolley in the super markets.          This trolley  can be used to transport cement...CONTINUE READING

New smart ration cards are coming

        Today I would like to inform you about a new change in our ration card. The ration card we are using now is in book form. But that is about to change. That’s thing is I want to share with you today.         Our state government is going to withdraw our old ration cards. Ration card...CONTINUE READING
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The documents  that should be check before buying a land

         Today I want to introduce you what are the documents  that should be check  before buying  a land. The main document  is adharam. Adharam is the  document written by an authorized licencee in a stamp paper. It includes value of land. It registered  in register office about the transaction made to a property.  It include...CONTINUE READING

The importance of steel windows

         We all are use many materials for our home.It will be useful for us to be aware of which types of materials  are used.It is very useful . Today we can see the uses of steel windows. We can use this as innovative.          Steel windows are made for customers. We can use epoxy primer after...CONTINUE READING

Will the social security pensions be Rs 1750 ? 

    Today I would like to inform you  about a happy news for all social security pensioners.We have received  a lot of benefits  from central  and state governments. Movements are underway to provide a pension benefits that will benefit the common man.     With the new decisions we have now,it is likely that the pension will increase....CONTINUE READING
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 A beautiful house in 2950 square feet  

    Today  I want to introduce you to a beautiful house It has 2950 square feet. Its roof is made up of Spanish series roofing tile.  It is very beautiful  house. This house has an open sit out.  First we enter into the main hall.      But the left side there is a living room. We can...CONTINUE READING