BTR (Basic Tax Register ) – Importance, how to check


       BTR is the basic tax register in real estate. BTR registered to be kept in the village office. It is used to know the nature of property and the owner of the land. We know the land is agricultural  or residential  land. It helps to avoid land issues in the future. PTR record showing  actual owner of a property. BTR  helps to maintain by the village office records the extent of landholding in each village and name of the person in which the land tax is being paid.

    We can see about the basic tax register.  It is a very important  property  document for any land in kerala.It states the truth for determining the type of land. You should  check the BTR before buying a land . We can see the consequences you might face if you select and buy the wrong  land. 

       If you want to buy land you should  check the title deed of the land. The best investment on land is land. Purchasing a plot requires diligence  and care in terms of having the right documents. Buying a plot has a simple exchange of money between a buyer and seller. Before buying a land you should check and verify the identity of the seller. You should check the nationality  residence certificate of the seller. You should check clear and unambiguous  title deeds of the land. Title deed is the ownership of land. You must check the encumbrance certificate ,released certificate , receipt of property tax ,etc.

        There is a big difference between agriculture and residential lands. Agriculture land cannot be used for residential purposes. We cannot build a house on agricultural land to live in. You should convert the land from agricultural to residential before any construction. The rules vary from state to state. A lot of urban investors are investing in agricultural land. Fertile land cannot be converted to be used for residential purposes.Only dry land could be converted.

      You should check the BTR before buying a land. Mainly lands are  3 types.They are backyard, garden and field. We can build residences in gardens and backyards. But the field has no building  permits. Government  has taken the decision  about it. We  didn’t get a loan from the banks. We didn’t  get industrial or domestic connections. 

       They provide connections  for agricultural  use. We can check the BTR in the village office using a survey number. You should  give an application  to the village  office using the survey number. The fee is Rs 283.we will get a copy of BTR status. It is signed by a village officer.  

       It includes survey  number, type of land and sign of village officers. You should check the BTR before  buying a land. We can’t change the BTR. If your land has clerical mistakes we can change the BTR of the land. It takes 4 month duration. 

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