BS6 diesel vehicles  – how to reduced the emission of dangerous chemicals(soot )


         The price of diesel cars are increased.because fuel prices are expected  to increase in the immediate  future. It is important to know which cars will be able to stretch a liter of diesel the furthest.Diesel powertrains are no longer viewed as faithful workhorses.Instead are seen as the glacier melting root of environmental  evil. With the advent of BS6 emissions, diesel in India still remains a popular  choice for customers. Now built safeguards which would give polar bears a stay of execution. It all comes to technology called diesel particulate filter.It fits into diesel powered exhaust  systems to make BS6 compliant. In order to limit the amount of these matters discharged by diesel motors, brands are required to fit a diesel particulate filter. 

      It traps the soot,before the enforcement of emission norms ,freely discharged from exhaust.  However it gets burnt off,broken down into small particles and then dispersed in the air. When driving at low speed,DPF can get clogged with particulate  matter . It leads to undeliverable. The exhaust  is not hot enough to initiate burning off the soot. Apart from having  DPF,this filter has thermal regeneration  burns off collected soot.The burning  off is far more conductive  to long drives. BS6 diesel have safeguards  to artificially heat up the exhaust  and burn the soot. DPF was introduced  as part of euro 5 emissions  norms. Once DPF reaches maximum capacity, ECU in a car is programmed to allow burning of the soot. 

      We can learn some important  things about BS6 diesel cars. It’s been 2 years since the BS6 pollution laws came into force. It mostly affected the diesel engine.  Normally in a fuel compression, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas ,water comes outside through  the exhaust.  Nitrogen  and water are harmless materials. Hydrocarbons are released because  the fuels do not burn well. 

      Carbon monoxide ,Nitrogen  oxide,particular metals are other materials.  These can cause a variety of diseases. It may cause cancer  and shortness of breath. These sorts can be seen like fog in Delhi. Nox can cause acid rain. Diesel engines  produced it more than petrol engines. In BS4 diesel engine Nox limit is 250 mg / km,PM limit is 25 mg / km.

      In BS6 diesel engines have Nox limit –  80 mg/km,PM limit – 4.5 mg /km. Bs4 Petrol engine  Nox limit is 80 mg/ km and pm has no limit. In BS6 petrol engines,Nox limit is 60 mg/ km and pm limit is 4.5 mg/km.In petrol  engine it has no problem.  

       Let us see what has been done to reduce diesel engines. It is called EATS ( Exhaust After Treatment  System). It includes  DOC,DPF,LNT, ASC,SCR and DEF.DOC (Diesel oxidation  catalyst),DPF (Diesel particulate filter) LNT (Lean Nox Trap),DEF (Diesel exhaust fluid)SER (Selective catalytic reduction),ASC (Ammonia slip catalyst).DPF and DEF are more dangerous  than others.DPF filter particular factors or soot   from exhaust gas .These are very small particles.DPF used to trap 1 micron size particles. It has 1micron holes. It is in a steel case.

      It doesn’t  allow the air to pass straight .Two types of materials are used to make these DPF. They are Cordierite and silicon carbide. Cordierite is made with magnesium, iron, aluminum  and silicon. It prevents the passages of the particles. It is automatically  cleaned. Filter regeneration  is used for this type of cleaning. There are 3 types. 

  • Spontaneous regeneration – automatic cleaning 
  • Dynamic regeneration- They inform us about  the cleaning and we should provide a situation. 
  • Service regeneration – cleaning of  technician 

        Spontaneous regeneration occurs  when the exhaust temperature is high (600°)and increases the engine RPM. If the Spontaneous  regeneration  isn’t  done,it will be blocked and ECU shows a warning  light. Sulphur is 50ppm in BS4 and it reduced 10 ppm in BS6.

       If the temperature is below 600°,it causes the blockage. You should know the usage,capacity  of the vehicle  before taking BS 6 diesel vehicles. Otherwise it may cause damage. Some vehicles  have parked degeneration. 

       catalytic oxidised and converted the dangerous chemicals to the normal chemicals. Nox emission  is high in diesel vehicles. Nox is high in perfect engine condition. Nox can be reduced by the help of DEF and SCR. You should  concentrate  on DEF leve. You can see the warning sign .

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