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         LED TV with Internet support  is called  smart LED TV.All high end televisions are smart LED TVs.Its very hard to find a house without a television. It is most commonly used by all age groups. You can watch video content such as news,education, music,entertainment, sports,etc. There are newer versions of televisions found .They are smart TV, Android TV,LED TV.Buying the first TV to a better one has now become easier than you can imagine. You can buy LED TV online just as easily .you can select a good Android smart TV .You can buy 32 inch,40 Inch LED TV place in the  bedroom,50 inch ,60 inch will place in the living room.There are several screen types are available such AS HD,full HD,ultra HD ,OLED based on their sharpness, color vibrancy ,clarity  and technology. 


      The main benefit of smart TV is access to many channels that offer TV programs, music, movies without  a connected TV antenna. It provides web browsing, gaming, provides more capabilities  such as screen sharing, which helps to view content from compatible smartphones on a TV screen. Some smart TVs can send content from the TV to a compatible  smart phone.after sending the user can continue to view that content  on the smartphone. Smart TVs have some cost considerations  .It provides access to many free channels  and services. 


    Use smart TV may result in privacy TV and content apps provide track your viewing habits. Smart TV might be doing more than tracking your viewing habits. If your smart TV has a Webcam,there is a possibility to hack it.


       If you want to buy a smart TV,all brands  offer some level of smart functionality. Be aware of variations in additional subscription, content  access ,privacy  issues. Smart TV has some important  factors such as picture quality, sound quality, physical connectivity.if you have already smart TV,consider adding external media streamer,streaming stick. 


 You can stream on demand content, browse the web, listen to music, scroll on social media,play fun games, use an all in one TV works without an internet  connection. Smart TVs are designed to connect to your home internet. Smart TVs come with remote controls.  You can download an app and connect it to your WIFI network. Smart TVs are affordable. 


       We can see a place where we get smart LED televisions at low prices. It is in Eye plus, Grace LJT,Gandhipuram, Tamil nadu.It has 1 year replacement  warranty and 2 year service warranty. LG original panels are used.copper backlight is used.Televisions are started from Rs 2499.Here we can see 17 to 86 inch TV s are here.


     These TVs are quality products. There are touch screen,non touch screen. Touch screen television has Rs 1,75, has 1 year replacement  warranty and 2 year service warranty. It has a voice is made with a metal body. It is a high quality  Television. 


     You can also go to their factory. Ready stocks are available here.24 inch TV full HD, IPS panel are available here.It is minimum budget TV.plastic, metals are used for covering of Televisions. Different models of remotes are here.we can use these televisions as smart boards. We can use these smart LED TVs as a system. You can connect a keyboard,mouse and automatically  use them as a system. PC Monitor has Rs 50,000.But they convert these TVs as TV monitors.


   Copper backlights absorb heat.It saves the life of televisions. Televisions are started at Rs is 17 inch.86 inch Televisions are available  here. It has a metal body, slim panel,full 4k,3 has Rs 1,75,000. It has a 3 year warranty. 


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Grace LJT,Ranga complex,70,Dr Rajendra Prasad road,gandhipuram,tamil nadu









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