Branded ladies,men’s , kids wear at low cost


        We can buy branded clothes at low cost. The brand means distinctive  logo used to make an identity  that defines a product from its competitors. It represents  the level of quality  in the mind of the user. The logo is called a trade mark.Branded clothes have unbelievable quality and contentment.These clothes have more quality  and contentment. They are more superior  in terms  of quality and look than non branded clothes. 

         If you spend  a lot of money on designer clothes.most people expect that the expensive clothes are more durable  than cheap clothes. But reality is the cheap clothes may actually  be more durable  than expensive clothes.Branded clothes provide you better quality  designs,heavy work clothes,stylish clothes.

      Today we can see a place where we get branded clothes at low cost. It is in mysore. We can buy gents, ladies and kids clothes from here.It is a wholesale  shop.It is a surplus center. We can see gents jeans pants, jeans shorts and T shirts. They will guarantee the colours of these clothes. The price of jeans are Rs 520. We can buy a minimum of 12 pieces of jeans . The price of shorts are Rs 495.

      We can buy branded T shirts from here. Its price is Rs 175. We can buy these clothes at a low price. We can buy shirts from here. It’s price is Rs 595.These clothes are 100% branded materials. We can buy kids dresses also. It starts from newborn to 10 years old. We can buy set wise and assorted. It starts from Rs 65 to 280. We can see kids’ jeans also. 

        They will deliver the materials  online. Ladies  items include Kurtis, skirts,pants,shawls,etc.It starts from Rs 290.we will get a variety  of materials  . We can see leggings also starting from Rs 290. Shawls start from Rs 150 to Rs 300.

We can buy Rs 10,000 for one section. It is 4 km near bus stand,mysore town. 

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