Black pepper powder making business can be and RS 50,000

               It is a good return with low investment business. Anyone can start this business,  is profitable. India has always played an important role in global pepper trade. Even in ancient times black pepper was exported from India in huge quantities. 

              It is one of the oldest spices known to mankind widely used to all around the world. It is the oldest and most popular spice in the world. It is the important cash crop of Kerala. Its  medicinal value is very significant. This is good selling potential Spice. Pepper is described as black gold. It is the king of spices. 

                 Peppermint powder can RS 50,000 a month. You can buy it from farmers and wash it, dry and sell it. It  is a simple business idea. 

Machines as  needed

  •  Grinder
  •  Weighing machine
  •  Sealing machine

                  If you can’t buy the machine, you can go to the nearest mill and grind it. You can buy the machine according to the improvement of the business. You can buy 1000K pepper from the farmers,  Rs 50000 per month for a unit producing and marketing peppers.

                Give a brand name beginning,  pack attractively and start selling. Get subsidy from department of industries. Get a licence from  FSSAI. 

6 process

  • Cleaning 
  • Drying 
  • Roasting
  • Grinding 
  • Grading
  • Sleeving 
  • packaging

Important things to note

  • Improve quality 
  • Get local subscribers.
  •  Involve family members
  • Neatly and attractive packing
  • Brand name 
  • Make sure the product is not contaminated 
  • Direct sales are profits.

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